Bengal Tiger… Let’s See…

Since we have been reading the Life Of Pi, I have decided to do some research on the Bengal Tiger.

The Bengal Tiger, although endangered, are the biggest subspecies of tiger. This animal is the national animal of Bangladesh which has about 450 of them and of India which has over 1000.

The coat of a Bengal Tiger is yellow to light orange with dark brown or black stripes. Its underside is a blank white. Most specimens found have weighed from 270 kg to 388 kg.

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SBC Week 6

Research… I like research, Research is fun.

So I will be researching chess today, and no chess is not boring, it is a logic game which requires skill (Maybe it is a tiny bit boring, but never mind that).

Chess may have originated in India and predecessors of the game have been played over 1500 years ago.

Over time chess spread to Europe and in the 15th century it evolved into roughly what it is now. In the 19th century chess tournaments started to be played and the first championship was played in 1886.

Chess pieces have changed over time and so have their moves.

Kings have stayed the same, Queens used to be called advisers and instead of being able to move anywhere they could only move one square diagonally. Bishops were known as elephants could move one square diagonally or forwards. Knights were called horses but their moves did not change. Rooks (castles) were called chariots but moved the same way. Finally, pawns were called foot soldiers but could only move one square forwards (not two) and it took pieces the same way (diagonally forwards).

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Holiday part 1

Hello there from our hotel in… Hawaii! We got here on Saturday at about 9:30 pm. We slept in an airport hotel for the first night and then went to get our rental car which is a GMC Yukon (look it up) and then drove to our resort Ko Olina (look it up also) where I am writing this now.  We’ve spent most of our time in the lagoon and the pools and I wish I could add pictures of them but sadly being on an iPad does restrict some features. Oh and I might want to mention who I am with,  I am here with my sister, my parents, my nan, my auntie and her boyfriend along with my baby cousin. Just today we saw 5 U.S airforce f-22 raptor fighter jets and my goodness are they loud. I should also mention that my birthday is in 5 days on the 11th so a birthday comment is expected, (just joking, but it would be nice :)). well that is all a part two and maybe three will be along soon.




About Me

Sorry this is a bit late but here it is, my about me page (finally).
My name is Joshua Whitehead, I am 10 turning 11 in April (so soon).

I live on messines road karori with my sister who is 15 and my parents who shall remain ageless.

I like cricket, minecraft, kerbal space program and video games in general.

My favorite subjects at school are art and P.E.

That is all,


Josh 🙂

SBC week 5

So, favorites eh. Hmm let me think, aha got it, here we go.

My favorite car is a hard thing to decide if you are a car fanatic like me so I’m going to give a few. Number 3: Lamborghini Aventador, probably one of the most good looking cars ever made and it used to be my favorite until the other two came out and topped it. Here is a picture from


Number 2: Pagani Huayra, Again a good looking car but of course it has 720Bhp which means it explodes off the line with acceleration of 0-100 Kph in 3.3 seconds and tops out at 372 Kph. Here is a photo from


Number one: My ultimate favorite car, The Ferrari Laferrari. It is a relatively new car from the automobile manufacturer Ferrari. It is what they call the ultimate road car and honestly, I agree. It has around 900 Bhp from an engine which is mounted in the middle. It was built to rival the Mclaren P1 and the Porsche 918, both incredible cars I must add. It’s top speed is over 350 Kph and goes 0-100 in under 3 seconds 0-200 in under 15 seconds and 0-300 in just over a minute. Overall this is my favorite car at the moment until maybe something new comes out. here is a picture from







Week 4 no.9

Climate change, how to stop it? okay if your sure then. Well, you could turn of your lights when your done with them, or instead of constantly heating your house you could close your curtains to preserve heat, or you could recycle your paper cans and glass instead of chucking them into a landfill. Well, there you go how to save the planet in your own home 🙂


100 Word Challenge

Billy and John (Yes them again) were talking about random things when John said “what is your ultimate adventure”? Billy responded saying “My ultimate adventure would be going to space meeting an alien who takes me on a tour of space, including his home planet, then agrees to come to earth with me so I do that and then he flies off to his home planet”. “Wow” said John “mine would be that time we were walking to the park but instead of nothing being round the corner there was an ice cream truck”. “That would be so cool” said billy.


What is making me a bit annoyed is the pictures in my story of pictures seem to be just a tad faint. I think it might be the black background and the faint pictures have a transparent background making it all a bit of a mess. I might have to change the theme of my blog but that means that I will have to redo the blogging challenge button and my two pets flap and Mr slowly. I will work on it.